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'Be the best of you' - Learn to Lose

'Be the best of you' - Learn to Lose

'Learn to Lose' 

Yes, we said it, 'Lose', we live in a world today where it is believed nobody is a loser, everyone shares first place or it's just taking part that counts; and to an extent taking part is usually the first and most crucial step.

Let’s be realistic, we challenge ourselves to be the best we can be, why shouldn't we feel the 'win’? 

 In the most part, we all want to strive for the best version of ourselves and a sense winning in day to day life is based on individual perception, if we didn't have goals to hit or a sense of pride by doing well at something, what would be the point in taking part in the first place.

We, at SGW-UK, are strong believers in being the best version of yourself, you should have goals, you should have dreams and work hard to achieve them; but remember the only person you should compete with is person were yesterday. Equally, surround yourself with people with this mindset, those who will work hard alongside you and help you to be the best version of you.

Be proud of your achievements, it's very easy in the competitive world to look at how far you need to go, than the distance you have already travelled. It will never be easy, you will lose from time to time, you will fail, you will fall but that shouldn't stop you, everyone deep down has the strength to stand again.

Find it and use it!   

"Everyone will fail, more than once; but the true failure, is failure to learn from it"  - Quote: Managing Director - Savage Gymwear UK 


 Thanks for reading, 


'Be the best of you' 



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