Why Seismic.UK?

Why Seismic.UK?

A new generation of Muscle Gun's, cut through all the fancy talk and get to know how to use these properly and effectively. Seismic is helping fitness enthusiast combat DOM's and recover faster to meet their goals.

Seismic - "Serious Comfort"

We have worked closely with our team and our partners to deliver a new generation muscle gun that keeps it simple, yet effective, and helps reduce those DOM's. Cut through all the technical magic and you get ......

'Serious Comfort' - and we agree. 

What you get:

  • Seismic.UK - custom massage gun case 
  • Seismic.UK - Massage Gun (In your chosen colour - 4 to pick from) - complete with removable and rechargeable battery.
  • UK Charge cable and plug 
  • 6 Massage heads - The bullet, the ball, flat, the thumb, spade & Fork. 
  • 2 adaptor rings for using multiple attachments 
  • Instruction manual 

Images and a 'How to use these' guide can be found on our - Accessories drop down menu



The Technical Specs: 



Full Tech Specs below:

 Motor : 16v Brushless

Material : ABS

Motor Torque : 0.6nm

Rated RPM : 1800 - 3600

Rated power : 20w 

Battery : 2500mah (Re-chargeable Lithium battery)   

Charging & Operation time : 1.5hrs - 2hrs charge / 4/6 hours use 

Display : LCD Touch screen

Speed : 30  Levels 

Charging Port : DC

Product total weight : 1.6kg

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